Improving your sites Search results

If like me your websites are under pinned by wordpress then the default search offering can leave your visitors frustrated with the results that get returned. This is because the default search function in wordpress is set to return it’s results purely in date order. It performs no weighting on the search term to return the most appropriate results so this can mean your visitors are getting fed up and clearing off instead of wading through pages and pages of results.

To solve this issue I deploy the Relevanssi Search plug-in to all of my sites. This plug-in allows for AND as well as OR search operators allowing a much more dynamic and useful search solution for your visitors. There are a myriad of options that you can set to get your wordpress search working smarter so hop over today and give it a play!

What are people searching for?

Do you have a site that’s getting a lot of visitors but isn’t converting very well?  The issue could be that people are landing on your website and aren’t finding any pages for the search terms that they are specifying.  For this particular dilemma I deploy the Search Meter plug-in which keeps stats on what people are searching for and the number of pages being returned for each search term.

The great thing is that it has a section under your wordpress dashboard to show you the search terms that have returned zero results.  Armed with this information you can tweak existing content or create fresh content to capture these future searches.  If you understand how and what people are searching for you can create better content in the future!