With our Windscreen Wipers website sitting in the top 3 for the keyword Windscreen Wipers I had expected a good steady stream of sales.  The reality is that the site sells windscreen wipers every single day but I think from the visitors it could be so many more!

I decided to try a new approach to see if I could improve sales and so installed Live!Zilla , a free live chat tool.  The aim was to see how many people would request a chat and so I could see whether people were just having issues finding the correct product.

It takes a little bit of setup to get this free tool setup but the instructions provided were excellent and I was able to get the live chat status images working fine on our website.  I configured myself as the only operator and waited for a wave of chat requests……needless to say they weren’t forthcoming!  In over a month I didn’t get a single chat request from a visitor!

When you aren’t signed in the chat icon prompts the visitor that they can leave a message and this led to 3 visitors doing that.  When I compare this to the number of people who use our “contact us” form then the live chat message wins 3 – 0!

The chat software gives basic geo visitor information with more accurate available for an additional fee.  Using this information I tried to initiate a chat with UK based site visitors but again this was fruitless!  Live!Zilla lets you co-browse (see what the site visitor is looking at) so i could send them a targeted message but nothing I tried worked!

For now I’ve given up with the live chat model although I am still running it on the site.  The thought was that if the site received a lot of queries I could outsource the operators (overseas perhaps) and pay them based on the commission of the sales they referred.  Needless to say that plan is currently on the back burner but I won’t give up!

As a free live chat tool I would give Live!Zilla 10/10 and would definitely say it’s well worth a try if you’re in the market for a live chat tool!

Maybe the type of site doesn’t lend itself to a live chat tool?  Has anyone else successfully used such a tool to aid sales and increase conversions?