The days of taking an exact match domain (EMD) and throwing a few pages up has been killed off by Google and its ever evolving search algorithm.

If you’re reading this in 2013 or 2014 then now more than ever it’s about authority websites.  These are sites that are viewed as the “go to” places for a particular niche and should be full of good content and exploit social media and things like youtube.

To this end we decided to take an undeveloped name that we had and to pass it over to Niche Networks to create an out of the box authority website.  We paid £100 for an authority site which consisted of 20 unique pieces of content, premium wordpress theme and a bespoke Yahoo Q&A plugin.  Depending on your niche then they offer a video offering but in our case it wasn’t relevant.

The domain we chose was which was a name that we had done nothing with since acquiring.

fthb-homepageThe new website was created within a week of placing our order and on the whole the experience was excellent and one we’d repeat in the future.  Some of the articles were similar to each other but in hindsight I should have maybe given more of a brief and asked to receive a list of the article titles before they were created.

So far things have been going well.  We’re leaving the site to age naturally over the next six months and are slowly adding extra content.  We’ve had a couple of guest posts on the site and have monetised with a simple adsense block in the header for now.

The logo was quickly knocked up by someone on and is used on the Facebook and Twitter accounts associated with the domain.

If you’ve got any questions then please use the comments section below or use the contact page.