If you’re like me and spend a good portion of your day commuting to and from your main place of work you’ll realise what a waste of creative time this is.  My current daily commute is usually around an hour each way, mainly dull motorway driving.

I often sit at the wheel brainstorming new ideas with myself and considering my next plans on various other personal and work related projects.  I was looking for a way of better utlising this “dead” time and came across a website and associated applications to enable me to jot down my ideas without danger to myself or other road users!

An acquaintance mention the website and apps available from Evernote. Available in 2 flavours, Free and Premium, Evernote allows you to capture and store a myriad of media types including:

  • Text Notes
  • Audio Clips
  • Web Page Clips
  • Screenshots
  • Photos

Evernote will create searchable and taggable notes that you can let Evernote organise or you can take control over how and where your content is stored.

Ever been out shopping and spotted a bargain that you wanted to investigate when you get home?  Snap a picture with your phone camera, upload it to Evernote and look at it when you get back to your computer.  Had a car accident, grab as much information, including photos at the scene and uplaod it to Evernote whilst the facts are fresh in your mind.  Bought an expensive item and are rubbish at filing receipts?  Take a photograph and upload it to Evernote to your “Receipts” notebook, simple!  For more uses check out the examples under Infinitely Useful

By using the Blackberry Evernote App I can now record voice memos of ideas and thoughts as I’m driving to and from the office.  Then when I get 5 minutes at the computer I can listen back, tag accordingly and action as necessary! Starting and stopping a recording is no different to change the radio frequency in your car, hit a button to start recording and button to stop recording!

Comparison of account features:

Free Premium
Access to all versions of Evernote Yes Yes
Synchronization across platforms Yes Yes
Text recognition inside images Yes Yes
Note allowance Unlimited, upload 40MB/mo Unlimited, upload 500MB/mo
File synchronization Limited: images, audio, ink, PDF Any file type
Search within PDFs No Yes
Access to note history No Yes
Offline notebooks (iPhone/iPad/iPod) No Yes
Notebook sharing via Evernote Web Read only Allow read and edit
Max single note size 25MB 50MB
Support Standard Premium support
Security features Standard SSL encryption
Priority image recognition No Yes
Hide promotions No Yes
Cost Free $5/month or $45/year

Here is their promotional video:

So readers, have you used Evernote, how do you rate it? Want to recommend alternatives? Use the comments below to give me your feedback!