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Our portfolio of live websites has reached approximately 30 so we decided to revisit the look and feel of the websites in the hope of improving conversions. Following a previous recommendation of Dan Harrison from WordPress development specialists WP Doctors, we had been using Artisteer to create wordpress templates for our affiliate marketing sites. Although Artisteer was incredibly flexible in what it could deliver we were after more functionality and so looked for a suitable base premium wordpress template to deploy and build upon.

We found an online shop style template from Elegant Themes (*Affiliate Link) that displayed product prices against each of the items but unfortunately this would involve us manually updating thousands of products each day! They obvious solution to this was of course automation! We were already using Easy Content Units which meant we already had an automated way of pulling the cheapest price and retailer information but we wanted a way to push this data into the wordpress database so the theme could extract it for our visitors to see.

We approached Dan of WP Doctors to initially discuss whether our ideas could be turned into reality! Dan provided a great sounding board for our ideas and suggestions and countered our thoughts whilst extracting additional information we hadn’t even considered! This collaborative approach to defining our requirements meant that once development began Dan knew exactly what was required and what was to be delivered. Throughout the project Dan gave me status updates and delivered the agreed work within budget and on time. With Dan’s help we deployed the plugin to our monopod website and we’ve been extremely happy with the way that the plugin performs. We will now look to roll out the template and plugin combination to some of the other websites in our portfolio.  The theme we are using is quite resource hungry so we are looking to improve the usability of website for our end users.  If anyone has any tips to offer on acheiving this then feel free to comment on this post or contact us via the contact form.