So Jon, where did it all begin?

If only I’d had a pound for the number of times someones asked me that, I’d probably have about £2 by now!  In a previous work role I worked with an exceptionally talented marketing guru called Lee who was fresh out of marketing college and chomping at the bit for success.  Lee’s drive and determination led him to setting up his own company providing marketing services.  Lee also started a successful discount portal called which opened my eyes to the online world of affiliate marketing(AM)!

Although our professional lives moved in directions we still stayed in contact and following one of our usual e-mail conversations Lee offered me the chance to borrow one of his domain names so that I could give AM a try!  Lee picked a domain that he thought should do well and so I took the first step into AM with Edinburgh Airport Parking

I had read about wordpress being a superb SEO friendly CMS platform so found a web developer to create me a unique wordpress theme.  I had looked at the myriad of free wordpress templates but nothing really ticked the clean look I was after.  The initial template cost a reasonable £40 and for having a unique looking site I hoped it would make the site stand out.  From my time creating The-Pier I already had a content writer whose rates and service I was happy with.  I commissioned some articles on topics that I saw as being relevant to this particular subject and sat back and waited for people to complete their necessary tasks!

With the content and theme completed the next thing was to find some web hosting that I could put the site on.  I was already using tsohost for my existing sites so merely upgraded to their clustered hosting platform.  This would give me more resources than I needed at an incredibly reasonable £9.99 per month!

I uploaded the wordpress installation, created the MySQL database, installed the theme and published the content…we were now cooking with gas!  The site looked a little plain so I splashed out on some suitable stock images from iStockphoto and we were up and live.  I joined some affiliate networks to find which merchants were available and settled on was now ready to earn my online fortune.  The idea of earning hundreds of pounds while I slept or was out with friends sounded like a dream lifestyle!

Despite my hopes and dreams I found the subject of Edinburgh Airport Parking to be less than inspiring!  My apetite had been whet and now it was time to explore niche markets that I had an interest in!  I had worked the site up to the second page of Google but with earnings of a few pounds I knew that this site wasn’t for me and so Lee and I did a deal and the site switched back under his control and today is sitting up on the first page of Google!