Ever since I re-themed my monopod website I’ve been looking at ways to expand the content that the site contains.  I decided to add a “Submit a Review” page to the site in the hope that people would wander by and leave some interesting reviews.

Needless to say after a month I hadn’t received a single hit on the review page so decided to go out and engage monopod owners to provide reviews.  I considered visiting one of the many photography forums but felt uncomfortable pestering people on someone else’s site to ask them to come to mine and complete a review.

This was when I decided to tap into the wonderful world of twitter.  With only 140 characters to play with I composed the following tweet :

Fancy writing a review of your monopod in exchange for a link back to your website / portfolio? http://bit.ly/d6oBeI

I then used twitters search function and searched for “monopod”.  It was then a simple task to go through each of the tweets to see in what context monopod was mentioned and if relevant I @mentioned the user with the message above.

You can see the resulting content in the monopod reviews section on the site and I must say that I’m really impressed with the level of responses that I’ve received.

I will be trying a similar approach with some of our other sites and will update you all on how well that goes!

Has anyone else used Twitter in a similar way to get end user generated content?