advanced web ranking softwareWith the recent Google Panda update we’ve seen a lot of our websites move around in the Google listings.  A lot of our sites went up but 1 or 2 have taken a slight dip and so we were looking at tools to analyse our website against our competitors with the aim of optimising them for the search engines.  A drop in your site ranking clearly leads to a reduction in visitors and therefore sales revenues suffer……bad times.

After some research we were pointed in the direction of Advanced Web Ranking which has recently undergone an upgrade to version 8.   Advanced Web Ranking was recommended by several webmasters and SEO experts so we decided to grab the 30 day free trial to explore it for ourselves.


How do I get started with Advanced Web Ranking?

The first thing you need to do is create a new project and a wizard will guide you to enter the website that you wish to analyse, you can add your competitors websites into the mix further along.

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From your website name AWR will pull back some suggested keywords and allow you to add, edit and delete to create the keywords you wish to monitor.

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On the next stage of the wizard you can select the search engines you wish to run your analysis against.  This is particularly useful if you site targets many different geographic regions.

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Finally you give the project a name.

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Now the software will go off to each of the search engines, pass in your keywords and return the results. If you have lots of websites and lots of keywords this can take some time to happen, remember it’s still going to be faster than you doing manually!

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Once the analysis has ran you can look at various metrics about your website,

Website Rankings – This shows you web ranking for a selected website, keyword and search engine.  If you have multiple websites (for instance if you are analysing your competitors also) then you can see who is ranking for which keywords.

Keyword Rankings – This shows your keyword rankings for a selected website and search engine.  You can show just 1 of your keywords or make a multiple keyword selection.

Search Engine Rankings – This view shows an overall picture of where your website ranks over the various search engines for the selected keywords.

All of the “Rankings” views show the results in a plotted graph type of fashion.  This is ideal as when you run the analysis again you can compare how your performance has changed over time.

Top Sites – For a selected keyword and search engine you will see what the websites are that are ranking above and below you.  Useful to understand who you competition is for a particular keyword.

Overview - This gives an easy to see snapshot table of your rankings across various keywords and search engines


There are lots of other types of reports and analysis and it really is worthwhile grabbing the trial to see what Advanced Web Ranking can do for you.


Under the Tools section of the software you can run some very powerful Optimization and Research analysis to compare how you site ranks for various SEO attributes.  Are you keyword stuffing, missing out on your keyword in your domain name or URL? Using Advanced Web Ranking you can see exactly how your site ranks against another for these various SEO indicators.


What version of the software available?

There are 4 editions of this seo software that provide various different bits of functionality. The different version are:

Each of these version runs on either Windows, MAC or Linux so whatever your operating system you can still take advantage of this excellent software.


Our Verdict

This really is a great tool for the SEO professional or a serious webmaster who are looking amongst other things for a keyword research tool. The automation available makes tracking your websites performance over time a simplified task that frees up your time to work on other more profitable tasks!  We are already reaping the rewards of using this software and are sure that it will easily pay it’s investment back within 3 months.

Anyway don’t take my word for it, download the 30 day free trial and give your comments below.