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My name is Jon Cook and this blog documents my online quest to add automation to all aspects of my life so that I can free up more time to do the things we all really want to do!

My current day job is as a systems analyst for the Parasol Group and I love the technical and problem solving aspects of the role however in early 2009 I was introduced to the world of affiliate marketing and my dreams of an autonomous life began!

I had already been running 2 successful websites up to this point.  Firstly there was the pier which I created when I lived in Brighton.  We spent 12 years living in Brighton and there is something special about standing out on a pier and looking back at the beach and city behind it.  The site developed as an interest site about piers around the UK and with the help of like minded individuals the site went from strength to strength!  Today our most popular page is for Clacton Pier (ranks #1 on google.co.uk) which I think is because Clacton Pier doesn’t have its own official website.  I love to see the search terms that people put into the website to see how they arrive at our websites!

Second up is the website bird-cam which is a wordpress blog about our nesting blue tits.  I installed a camera into the bird box back in 2008 and each year the site and camera goes live around January as we observe the blue tits checking out the box before building their nests.

I had proven to myself that with good content and wordpress I could build websites that could do well in the search rankings and now I needed to move into sites that could be easily monetised.

My wife and I were already running a successful eBay business but as anyone with eBay selling experience can confirm it’s a time consuming and frustrating task at times!  We decided to partner up in the world of affiliate marketing where I would supply technical skills and ideas and my wife would write content and propose ideas too.  Since we started in 2009 we’ve created and launched websites in the areas such as catering, automotive parts, photography, recreation and technology.

Outside of affiliate marketing I’m into photography and currently have a Sony Alpha A350 DSLR which I’ve had for the last couple of years.  One of my main ambitions is to create more free time to enable me to pursue photography more.

Update: 03/12/2013 I thought I better update this to explain that since I started this blog I became daddy to Matthew Jenson who was born in November 2011 and we have baby number 2 due in April 2014!

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