…not so much shaking your ass but I do see how you are interacting with my websites!

I was looking at ways to increase the conversion rate on one of our websites so I was on the lookout for some software to help me “see” what the visitors were doing.

I know that a lot of this could be gleaned from Google Analytics but what I was looking for was a more visual representation of exactly how the visitors were navigating and using my site.  Following a bit of research I came across Mouseflow.com (affiliate link) and decided to try out their service.

Now I often think you can tell how good a company is if there is a free version or a trial to allow you to evaluate it.  Thankfully in this case there is a free version which allowed me to have 100 free recordings a month for a single website.

As my sites use wordpress as the underlying system there is a handy wordpress plugin from mouseflow which means configuring and setting up a website is a doddle!  Once signed up you simply choose to add a website and complete the sites URL.  You will then get a snippet of code to copy and paste into the wordpress plugin or into your sites HTML.

Once done you will get an e-mail to tell you that recording has begun on your website and you can now view the recordings on the Mouseflow.com website, it really is that simple!

Here is a breakdown of the features of mouseflow:

  • Playback of Visitor Browsing Sessions – You physically watch the user scrolling around, clicking and see their keyboard and mouse inputs. Information available to see are Browser / Operating System / Date of Recording / Duration / Time on Site / Number of Pages Visited / Country / Screen Resolution / Language and Time Zone.  You can also choose to skip inactivity so if the visitor has wandered off to make a cup of tea and then returned the playback will skip the periods where there is no movement on the mouse or keyboard.
  • Click and Movement Heatmaps - A great way to see the hot spots on your pages and which parts people are drawn to or shy from.
  • Link Statistics – See analytics about how people hover over links or how a particular link converts, there are 6 measures in total.
  • Viewport Maps – Show you in detail how people scroll down your sites.  How many people get down to that juicy nugget at the bottom of the page?!
  • Visitor driven Page Analytics – See real page bounce rates, how long pages take to load, what the users see above the fold etc.

Since the trial I have made changes that have directly led to an increase in conversions.  Being able to literally see a visitors frustrations helps me maximise the website design and layout to give a better end user experience.

I have now upgraded to the small package as that allows for a more useful 1000 recordings per month.  This costs a reasonable 10 euros per month (plus VAT!) and all of the plans can be seen on their pricing page

Click here to sign up for your free trial today and let me know how you get on.  It really is a useful insight into what your visitors are doing.

(Although my content may include affiliate links I don’t review products because of this.  I always choose products and services that I have / do use and find useful in my business on line)